Virginia shopilifting laws and penlaties

Shoplifting is the theft crime. It is the type of crime in which someone enters the shop and steal the product or move out of the shop without paying the price for the products. The offender may either conceal the merchandise. It is also considered as a crime if the person pays less than the original price of the product. Laws are strict about this offense and the offender is liable for a specific penalty if he does this offense in out of limits.

Virginia shoplifting laws

Once the police find the offender, his case goes to court. He will come out of the jail after bearing all the penalties and charges defined in the law. According to Virginia’s laws, the shoplifting is the type of property crime. The offender is liable to punishment in a similar manner like charges of the larceny. In this way, the offender will have to face the punishment for this offense. According to law, the shoplifting criminal is the person who willfully conceals or take possession of the merchandise or goods of any store or establishment. Another case of the offense is that if offender changes the price tag or alter the container of the particular product. the person is also considered as the offender if he assists, help, counsel or abets another person in the performance of above acts.

Penalties for shoplifting crime

Virginia shoplifting laws state that shoplifting crime is just like a larceny crime. The penalties for this offence are like of petit or grand larceny crime. If the offender steals the goods of worth less than $200 then he will be liable for punishment according to the petit larceny. In case if the person steals the property of worth more than $200 than he will be liable for punishment according to grand larceny laws.

According to Virginia laws, the person who is guilty of grand larceny theft may be sentenced for the prison up to 20 years depending on the value of the property. For the petit larceny, the offender has to bear the jail less than one year and has to pay fine not more than $2500.

No matter what type of theft a person makes, it provides an overall effect on once life. Due to an offense person may lose his job, reputation as well as social life.

Hire an attorney

Once the person is charged with the shoplifting crimes, it is important that he must hire an attorney. This is because he will help you come out of jail in short time as well as help in reducing your fines. The well experienced lawyer knows to handle the case properly and with the help of previous cases he will make a strong document to prove your situation during incidence. In this way, there are chances that you will get a reduction in your charges and fine. Contact the lawyer as you get in this situation to come out of the problem in short time.