US Federal and State Prostitution Laws and Related Punishments

Prostitution is generally delineated as ‘practice of engaging in sexual activity to fulfil one’s sexual desires and compensate for another’. The access of internet from all over the world has caused an increase in prostitution and has become a concern for legal entities to curb it. In the US, prostitution is illegal and is strictly prohibited, except in some parts of Nevada State. Operating, arranging, or soliciting prostitution are all criminal acts which can result in harsh consequences. US federal and state prostitution laws and related punishments are fully imposed and existent in the whole country.

In this act of crime, the person who is offering to fulfil his lust is not the only criminal in this offense. The one who is agreeing to propose sexual service is also considered an offender. Solicitation of prostitution is also an act of crime where a person agrees to exchange money for sex. Although the business of prostitution is regarded as the oldest profession, it is still an illegal business. US federal and state prostitution laws and related punishments are treated by the legal authorities very strictly. Out of all prostitution laws, most laws regard this offence as a Class 1 misdemeanor. In other states, i.e. the state Virginia, describes it as a major felony.

The most daunting act of prostitution involves sex trafficking of children aged under 18, which is strictly prohibited under US Code 1591. This includes providing or harboring a minor. This very act applies to all inhabitant US children, including foreigners. If a person attempts a sexual act with a minor whose age is not more than 16 years, it will be regarded as a Class 5 felony, which is punishable by 12 months of jail and a fine of as much as $2,500. Moreover, an individual who is an abettor in exchanging, transporting, or is being involved in any such activity, he will be punished with a Class 1 misdemeanor.

US federal and state prostitution laws and related punishments have relatively become more severe, keeping in view a worse record of prostitution in the US. Such an act of crime does not only cause a victim to suffer penalties, but also the parents who allow the victim to be sexually engaged. The consequences for prostitution range from heavy court fines to prolonged jail sentences, which does not only hamper social and professional life of the offender but also maligns his personal reputation among his community. Thus, it is every citizen’s duty to know about US federal and state prostitution laws and related punishments to avoid committing any such offense.

If you are charged for a crime of prostitution, you need to seek the consultation of an experienced lawyer who can make you certain to build your case stronger or make a plea deal with the prosecutor or the judge in order to dismiss the case earlier. Since the defense, lawyers are the ones who have expertise in comprehending US federal and state prostitution laws and related punishments. He will advise you to prove yourself not guilty until the court’s final verdict. In any case, the assistance of a lawyer will be in the best defense of you.