What Is the Penalty for Vehicular Homicide in Virginia?

One of the most serious things that can happen when you drive drunk is that you end up hitting someone and potentially killing them. Drinking while driving can lead to a lot of problems, and some people do this in the hope that it might somehow rid them of the destructive behavior associated with these … Read more

What Is DUI Law and What Are the Penalties and Punishment in Virginia

Every state in the United States has laws and regulations prohibiting driving under the influence of alcohol. DUI cases can be quite arduous and difficult to defend because the Commonwealth of Virginia does not have a system for assessing and evaluating blood alcohol levels. Even minor DUI charges carry hefty fines and fines, and drivers … Read more

Virginia Felony Classes

A criminal offence is a serious offence with severe consequences and long prison sentences. This can also cost you hefty fines. Assess the crime you are accused of. When you are charged with a crime, you enter a place where any reasonable person would not want to be. Crimes are categorized according to the seriousness … Read more

Uncontested Divorce Lawyer Near Me

There are many reasons why you need a good lawyer in your divorce case, starting with being charged with a crime, applying for custody in the event of a divorce, terminating your job, signing an employment contract, starting a business, forming a partnership, etc. An uncontested divorce is usually the result of a legal dispute … Read more

Solicitation of Prostitution in Fairfax VA:

Prostitution is most commonly known as sexual activity with someone for a fee. It is illegal in the US, but the state of Virginia is an exception to the law if you engage in prostitution, which means directly or indirectly whether you are a prostitute, a customer or a person running a business is equally … Read more

what is a class 1 misdemeanor in va

Criminal laws in Virginia are very strict and the criminal has to face harsher penalties for this. When it comes to understanding the criminal laws of Virginia then here you must need to understand about all the classification of the charges for which you have been charged. AN individual can be charged with felony or … Read more

Virginia shopilifting laws and penlaties

Shoplifting is the theft crime. It is the type of crime in which someone enters the shop and steal the product or move out of the shop without paying the price for the products. The offender may either conceal the merchandise. It is also considered as a crime if the person pays less than the … Read more

Virginia Gun Law

In Virginia, there is a minimum age requirement to buy a gun or any firearm, the age of the person should be under above 18 years old. The person whose age is under 18 and not eligible for these weapons so they need to acquire or transfer the handgun between his family members in his … Read more

US Federal and State Prostitution Laws and Related Punishments

Prostitution is generally delineated as ‘practice of engaging in sexual activity to fulfil one’s sexual desires and compensate for another’. The access of internet from all over the world has caused an increase in prostitution and has become a concern for legal entities to curb it. In the US, prostitution is illegal and is strictly … Read more

The Varying Degrees of Burglary in Virginia

In Virginia, there are four degrees of burglary. Each type varies in penalties. Burglary laws seem more confusing and complex. There are also other crimes which can be confused with burglary charges. That is why the laws have defined burglary in four varying degrees in Virginia.  The general meaning of burglary is intruding someone’s house … Read more